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Mystic Mug

Traditional Japanese Design on Cast Iron Teapot 32floz | 950ml

Traditional Japanese Design on Cast Iron Teapot 32floz | 950ml

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Enter the realm of tea alchemy with our 950ml Cast Iron Teapot, a vessel that marries function with artistry in every steeped drop. Crafted with the elegance of traditional Japanese design, the exterior dances with waves that echo the rhythmic flow of the oceans.

As you lift the lid, you're greeted by the undulating waves, a reminder of the meditative dance of water. The 950ml capacity ensures your tea ritual becomes a shared experience, inviting friends or embracing solitary moments of tranquility.

But here's the magic – the pot comes adorned with a stainless steel screen, a silent guardian that lets your tea leaves dance freely in the hot water before being gracefully lifted out after the perfect steep. No fuss, just pure tea alchemy.

Whether you choose to steep a delicate green tea or a robust oolong, this cast iron teapot becomes the cauldron of your tea dreams. It's not just a vessel; it's a canvas where tradition meets functionality, where each pour is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your tea journey.

So, indulge in the timeless dance of waves, let the stainless steel screen be your accomplice in tea perfection, and elevate your rituals with the 950ml Cast Iron Teapot. Here's to sipping in style and letting the waves of flavor wash over you.

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