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Shu Pu’erh Aged in Tangerine

Shu Pu’erh Aged in Tangerine

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Picture this delightful creation – our Aged Tangerine Shu Pu'erh Tea. Each bag, a tiny treasure chest, holds around 50g of pure joy, featuring not one, but two tangerines hosting approximately 25g of shu pu'erh that's been aging gracefully for five years.

Now, I won't claim it's magical, but it's pretty close. The tangerine rind serves as a cozy cocoon, giving the pu'erh inside a flavor that's aged to perfection. It's like the tea leaves and tangerines decided to have a sweet rendezvous, and the result is pure harmony in a cup.

Opening the bag is like unwrapping a small, flavorful present – a gift to your taste buds. The earthiness of pu'erh intertwines with the zesty embrace of tangerine, creating a dance of flavors that's both sophisticated and playful.

So, here's to sipping on the unexpected, to enjoying a cup that's a little unconventional, and to embracing the joy that comes from a well-aged tea inside a citrusy surprise. Cheers to the art of tea, my friend!
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