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Positive Affirmation Cherry Blossom Conical Cup

Positive Affirmation Cherry Blossom Conical Cup

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Sip serenity from our Ceramic Conical Cup, a masterpiece adorned with Japanese Cherry Blossoms and affirmations resonating with the profound experiment of Masaru Emoto on the crystalline nature of water. Each blossom and character etched on the cup is a testament to the power of positivity, encapsulating strength (強さ), meditation (瞑想), and the gentle embrace of tranquility (穏やか).

Available in three sizes – 3oz, 8oz, and 12oz – this conical cup invites you to choose the vessel that perfectly aligns with your moments of reflection. Let the whispers of enlightenment (悟り), love (愛), Zen (禅), and the divine presence of God (神様) accompany your sips, creating a harmonious journey towards understanding (理解), happiness (幸福), and the serene realms of peace (平和). Embrace this cup as more than a mere container; it's a conduit for positive energy, inspired by the profound beauty found in the experiment that touched snowflakes with the essence of uplifting words. May each sip be a step towards mindfulness, and each size a choice to suit your unique contemplative moments.

.: Material: white ceramic
.: Available in three sizes: 3oz, 8oz, and 12oz
.: Sleek design with no handle
.: Conical shape with a full wraparound print
.: NB! Full bleed designs not recommended, the product may have fading near the seam line

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