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Guntin Yu Yin 2013 Shu Pu’erh

Guntin Yu Yin 2013 Shu Pu’erh

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Ah, the allure of the Guntin Yu Yin, a 2013 Shu Pu'erh that's nothing short of a flavor symphony. Choose your adventure with options of 10g, 50g, 100g, or indulge in the entire 357g bing – because, my friend, some teas are meant to be savored in abundance.

Imagine your first sip, a voyage into the fruity and woody realms, a delightful concoction that dances on your taste buds like leaves in the autumn breeze. The infusion unfolds with a creamy dark hue, a liquid poetry that sets the stage for the tale that's about to be told.

As the steeps progress, watch the transformation unfold – from the deep richness that commands attention to a light red that's like the blush of dawn breaking over the mountains. It's not just a tea; it's a visual and gustatory masterpiece.

These leaves hold secrets, whispers of a journey that started in 2013, aging gracefully like the finest wine. Grown in the lap of nature's embrace, the Guntin Yu Yin brings the essence of the earth to your cup.

So, whether you opt for a pocket-sized 10g, an ample adventure with 50g or 100g, or the grand 357g bing, let the Guntin Yu Yin be your guide through the luscious landscape of fruity notes and woody undertones. Here's to steeping into a world where every sip is a celebration of flavor and finesse.
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