About Us

Welcome to Mystic Mug Tea & Apothecary, where a moment with nature unfolds in every cup. From green to black, herbal to oolong, discover teas curated with care. Tea, a historical panacea, accompanies you through good and bad days.

Our blends, crafted with precision, range from personal creations to exotic overseas collections. Feel adventurous? Explore Morimachi Sencha, an organic Japanese green tea from Shizuoka, or indulge in the sophistication of Endless Tea 2018, a black tea with malt, chocolate, and earthy notes—perfect for your next tea party.

Embark on a journey where sobriety complements the magic in every sip. Whatever your taste, Mystic Mug Tea has you covered. Experience the tranquility of tea, crafted with expertise and care